Back on my feet

Thanks Dr. Beres! My alignment feels great!!!
Lindsey G.


Two treatments for my jacked up lower back and two for my year-long rotator cuff injury and I’m already feeling good as new. WOW!

Thank You!!

Thank you Lisa and Dr. Beres for all your help. I can’t began to tell you how wonderful it is to almost be 100% pain free. At my ropes end and losing hope I didn’t think it was possible. I have prayed and prayed for healing. Then God led me to Dr. Beres through one of his patients. Lisa has been so helpful and patient with me in scheduling/changing my appointments that would fit my busy schedule. Thank you both so much. God bless you!

RickiAnne R.

Fixed my back

I spent six years serving my country and during that time my body was put through many strenuous demands on my skeletal and muscular system. From carrying heavy weights in awkward positions for training and in a theater of combat I had developed relentless lower back pain, severe impingements in my shoulders, and a detrimental decrease in mobility. Earlier in the year I was unable to attend classes because of my back pain not allowing me to get out of bed for hours. This was not the first time it happened. After I graduated Ranger School I was laid out in bed during the week of Thanksgiving because my lower back was frozen. That was the winter of 2010. In 2011 I experienced two major episodes of debilitating back pain. And the most recent almost kept me from competing in the CrossFit Regional Competition. After I recovered from these symptoms I would find that even though I could move the pain was still there.
The first time I met Dr. Beres I could tell his first priority was finding the source of my pain and as well as a remedy. No stone was left unturned. He took x-rays, listened to my story about the military and past medical history, and took me through a comprehensive movement diagnostic. When I showed up the next day he educated me and took well over an hour discussing chiropractic medicine, subluxation, and how my body was going to heal itself.
After that first session the changes were nearly instantaneous. A short month later I can say most days I have no lower back pain and this used to be a constant pain from the moment I woke up until I fell asleep at night. I also started making greater gains in my lifts from the increase in mobility. I became more comfortable in the bottom position of a snatch and felt strong and balanced with over 100 kilograms above the head. I cannot see myself being this comfortable, happy, pain-free, and healthy without the support of Beres Chiropractic.
The staff is also wonderful. Lisa is good friend with a good heart with whom I enjoy sharing recipes. We often talk about our families when I come in for appointments. If you have a pain that has not been easy to live with then I recommend you pay a visit to Dr. Michael Beres and Lisa.

Arturo F.